Become a Wellness Pro Plus Distributor

Wellness Pro Plus Distributors are Wanted !

An Overview of Becoming a Distributor:

Your 1st Unit would be at the professional discount $2995 USA. Savings of $500 on first unit. There is no need to warehouse product. Order as you sell. *3 year warranty on the Wellness Pro Plus.

The company “Electro Medical Technologies” will take customer orders on your behalf, using your personal code, and they will send you a commission check 30/45 days after the customer receives their order. In respect of the 30 day money back guaranty, minus restocking fee.

Or, you can let the customer pay you directly and you put in the order at your discount. This is a way to immediately receiving your commission.

The downside of immediately receiving your commission before the 30 day money back guaranty is up; if a customer wants a refund (rarely happens) you will be responsible for returning your commission.

This is a Win/Win for any distributor. “Helping others with pain management and at the same time building a profitable business.”


Distributors signed up under Michael Lofrano will receive One-On-One Coaching for building their Wellness Pro Plus business. Michael Lofrano, executive coach      Distributor Applications