Thought Elevator

 How to Rewire Your Brain for Relationships,
Wealth, Health, Weight, Stress, Energy, Sleep, etc…

My Review on “Thought Elevator”

For over 30 years as an executive coach and NLP trainer in the behavioral science of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Accelerated Learning; I’m always looking for something that will add to the transformation of others.

One of my students introduced me to the “Thought Elevator” and asked me to evaluate the process. I purchased the program and started the process. Within the first week I notice personal change. Then within the next 3 weeks I accomplished 1 of my monthly financial goals.

I was impressed, in fact so impressed, I’m marketing the program on my websites, to clients and distributors. The concern of marketing the product on my websites, without authorization, was a violation of the FTC. The only way
around this issue was to become an  affiliate.      FTC Affiliate Disclaimer

NOW….. let me give you an overview of the “Thought Elevator” so you can understand why I was impressed.

The “Thought Elevator” utilizes 4 components:

1. NLP: The handbook for the brain. How to change you thoughts, behavior and beliefs that stop you from obtaining your personal / professional goals.

2. The Principles of manifestation, “The Secret.”

3. Calm the internal thinking by guiding the mind to go into the relaxing theta state.

4. Each MP3 file has different subliminal affirmations embedded for specific outcomes.

THE PROCESS is Simple!

1st View the “Thought Elevator” video of choice for 3 minutes.

TE 4

2nd Listen to the MP3 file that is associated with the video you chose.

*The MP3 can play in the background while you go on your daily routine.

The MP3’s are: (with supportive PDF files)

1.Thought Elevator Quick Start Guide
2. Achieve Your Goals Masterclass
3. Wealth and MoneyThought Elevator
4. Relationships
5. Ideal Partner
6. Energy
7. Perfect Health
8. Ideal Weight
9. Business Success
10. Anxiety and Stress Relief
11. Accelerate Learning
12. Sleep

The Cost is $47. Well worth the investment.

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